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Updated On Mar 7, 2024
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With the global RCS messaging market size projected to reach USD 7.12 billion by 2029, it’s clear that RCS is on a path of exponential growth. This growth is further underscored by the anticipated surge in RCS users. The RCS messaging user base is already more than 1 Bn, and with Apple to join the RCS ecosystem, the user base is further set to grow to 3Bn+, positioning RCS as a dominant player in business messaging globally and opening new revenue streams for aggregators.

However, aggregators looking to offer RCS services, face significant challenges in this evolving ecosystem. These include the complexities of global carrier connectivity, navigating the diverse regulatory landscapes, and the technical intricacies of integrating various RCS messaging APIs & platforms. Additionally, the monetization of RCS traffic remains a conundrum.

Enter Dotgo, a trailblazer in the RCS business messaging (RBM) arena. Dotgo’s platforms supported more than 1 billion RBM messaging traffic globally in the last quarter, speaking volumes of their scalability and reliability. With Dotgo’s RBM Hub®, aggregators can easily deploy and monetize RBM traffic. Read on to know how.

The Challenges of Navigating RCS for Aggregators

Global Connectivity and Local Compliance

Connecting with carriers globally introduces the challenge of adhering to varied RCS standards and regulations across different countries. Aggregators must navigate these complexities to ensure seamless service delivery, requiring a deep understanding of local compliance requirements. This aspect demands extensive research and partnership with local entities, adding layers of complexity to global expansion efforts.

Administrative Burden of Multiple Agreements

To deliver RBM services across different regions, aggregators are often required to negotiate and maintain multiple agreements with carriers and service providers. This administrative task is not only time-consuming but also fraught with legal nuances, differing terms and conditions, and the need for continuous updates and negotiations, making it a significant operational burden.

Technical Hurdles in Onboarding, Verification, and API Selection

On the technical front, aggregators face challenges in onboarding new clients, verifying their credentials, and integrating with different RCS messaging platforms. The choice between various RCS messaging APIs, such as GSMA’s standard FNW.11 or Google’s RBM API, adds another layer of complexity. Each API has its own set of specifications, requiring aggregators to develop versatile solutions that can adapt to different technical environments while ensuring a smooth and secure user experience.

The Dotgo RBM Hub solves for all aggregator problems

These challenges underscore the need for a comprehensive solution that can streamline the RCS business messaging deployment process for aggregators, making it easier to manage the intricacies of global connectivity, compliance, agreements, and technical integration.

Introducing Dotgo’s RBM Hub®: Giving Aggregators an Edge

The Dotgo RBM Hub is the answer for aggregators to deploy and manage RCS traffic

Expand Your RCS Horizons without the Complexity

Dotgo’s RBM Hub® emerges as a beacon for aggregators seeking to broaden their reach without getting entangled in the complexities typically associated with RCS services global connectivity. The RBM Hub® acts as a centralized platform, connecting aggregators with 97 carriers across 42 countries. It simplifies the process of connecting with carriers worldwide. This streamlined approach not only mitigates the challenges of global expansion but also ensures adherence to diverse local compliance standards with unparalleled ease, courtesy of Dotgo’s deep-rooted expertise & partnerships in the domain.

Simplifying Agreements with One-Stop Solution

Navigating the administrative labyrinth of securing multiple agreements for global RCS services delivery can be a daunting task for aggregators. Dotgo’s RBM Hub® introduces a game-changing solution: a single agreement that opens the doors to worldwide RCS messaging traffic. This one-stop solution significantly streamlines administrative processes, freeing aggregators from the burdensome task of negotiating separate agreements for each region, thereby accelerating the go-to-market strategy for their RBM services.

Overcoming Technical Hurdles with Ease

Technical intricacies often pose significant barriers to the efficient deployment and management of RCS services. Dotgo’s RBM Hub® is designed to shoulder these technical complexities, ensuring a seamless onboarding and verification process for aggregators. The platform’s robust support for both GSMA’s standard FNW.11 API and Google’s RBM API offers unprecedented flexibility, allowing aggregators to choose the API that best suits their needs without compromising on functionality or performance. Moreover, the RBM Hub® can easily be integrated with any MaaP or CpaaS platforms, without any hassle, ensuring seamless delivery of RBM traffic globally.

With the RBM Hub, you also get access to Dotgo’s RCS Campaign Manager tool and Template Management service. With the RCS Campaign Manager, you get a streamlined platform for managing RBM campaigns coupled with in-depth analytics and revenue insights. And with the Template Management Service, we ensure that you get quick template approval, ensuring your campaigns reach customers as intended, free from the risk of being marked as spam, enhancing delivery rates & engagement.

Leveraging Competitive Advantage

Partnering with Dotgo and leveraging the RBM Hub® equips aggregators with a competitive edge in the RCS ecosystem. The platform’s ability to simplify operations, reduce complexity, and extend reach enhances operational efficiency. Moreover, with our expertise and guidance, you can open up new avenues for revenue generation through effective management and monetization of RBM traffic.

The strategic advantage gained through this partnership has already positioned our partners to capitalize on the growing RBM traffic in an expanding business messaging market. And if you do not want to be left behind in monetizing the unbridled growth of RBM, then reach out to us to set up a demo.