Updated On Feb 26, 2024
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MWC Barcelona, February 26 2024: Dotgo, a leading provider of Rich Communication Services (RCS) Business Messages, today announced that RCS business messaging traffic over its platforms doubled in the fourth quarter (Q4) of 2023, growing from over 500 million in the previous quarter to over 1 billion. This milestone firmly establishes Dotgo as one of the largest and most scalable RCS business messaging platforms globally. 

“We are thrilled to see such tremendous growth in RCS business messaging traffic on our platform,” said Inderpal Singh Mumick, CEO of Dotgo. “This validates the increasing demand from brands for rich, secure, engaging, and conversational messaging. Our exceptional delivery rates, read rates and response rates showcase how Dotgo’s RCS solutions drive meaningful interactions between businesses and customers.”

The exponential increase in traffic is attributed to strong demand from brands working with developers and aggregators who leverage the RCS capabilities of Dotgo’s platforms. Businesses using RCS messaging are seeing outstanding returns, with metrics including up to a 99% delivery rate, up to a 40% read rate, and up to a 20% response rate.  

The surge in RCS business messaging indicates that brands, aggregators, and developers are rapidly adopting rich  messaging to upgrade traditional SMS and to complement rich messaging over other channels. RCS offers a significantly better user experience with rich media, interactivity, improved delivery receipts and more. The enhanced features are proving highly effective for use cases like promotions, alerts, notifications and two-way conversational messaging.  

According to a recent report from Juniper Research, the global operator revenue from RCS business messaging traffic will grow from $1.3 billion in 2023, to $8 billion in 2025. Further, the report said, “RCS will become a key technology for operators in the business messaging ecosystem, given the high levels of fraud affecting the SMS business messaging sector”. It predicted that the launch of RCS will enable operators to retain business messaging traffic over telecoms networks, as SMS growth slows, and OTT business messaging channels continue to experience significant growth.

“We expect the growth curve to be extremely steep even in 2024 due to increasing RCS coverage and brands shifting budgets from SMS and other OTT messaging channels to RCS business messaging across geographies,” added Mr. Mumick. “Our scalable messaging platform is well equipped to enable secure, reliable and user-friendly RCS messaging  globally. We will continue enhancing our solutions and expanding partnerships to drive the adoption of RCS business messaging worldwide.”

Dotgo continues to innovate its RCS product portfolio to offer messaging solutions tailored for various verticals including retail, finance, healthcare, hospitality and HR. The company plans to tap growth opportunities across markets as more brands realize the power of RCS messaging for customer engagement.

The Dotgo MaaP is the industry’s leading RCS Business Messaging solution, pre-integrated with major RCS infrastructure providers. It supports onboarding, APIs and verification across multiple carriers globally, even when they use different RCS infrastructure.

Using Dotgo’s RBM Hub, aggregators and developers can empower local and global businesses to reach a wider customer base with engaging and intuitive rich media conversations, with single onboarding and verification across the global footprint. Dozens of aggregators and developers from around the world, including BulkSMS, ADC Telecom, Agile Telecom, Comviva, GreenAds Global, Gupshup, Vas2Nets, iTouch, Cakraflash, Globe Teleservices, Webex (by Cisco), Out There Media, LANCK Telecom, Tracksend have integrated with Dotgo to send RCS messages to users.  

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