Dotgo Advantage for Operators

Delight your customers with feature-loaded RCS services! Dotgo’s innovative solutions can help you improve your customer experience and retention.

Monetize RCS in no time with

Dotgo’s RBM Managed Services

Dotgo provides complete end-to-end managed services needed to monetize RBM.

Whether you use the Dotgo MaaP, or a third party MaaP, Dotgo can help manage the entire process needed to onboard, test, verify, and launch RBM agents.

It can also onboard and manage aggregators, developers, ISVs, and brands.

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Seamless integration

With Google Jibe RCS Platform RCS, RichSMS™, and RichOTP® APIs “Welcome to Chat” agent


Complete support

Get full business and technical support with RBM agent onboarding and RCS education


Analytics & billing

Reporting, billing, and reconciliation Directory and trigger management


Compliance & security

Guaranteed compliance and classification of domestic, international, promotional & transactional agents

Seamless verification process with RBM Verification

Dotgo, an RCS verification authority since 2020, verifies RCS agents and brands, freeing you from complexities of the verification processes.

Leverage Dotgo’s expertise in standardizing verification processes at GSMA and MEF.

Dotgo stands by its verification with the “Verified by Dotgo” trust mark, ensuring every bot and brand meet RBM requirements.


Complete support

End-to-end verification process customized to local norms and regulations


Verify once, launch everywhere

Common verification across all carriers in a country


Hassle-free process

Fast turnaround to aggregators, developers, ISVs, and brands


Universal acceptance

Works with Dotgo MaaP as well as any third party MaaP


Jumpstart your RCS journey with Dotgo MaaP

Seamlessly deploy and monetize RBM on your network with Dotgo’s MaaP solution—cloud-based communication platform.

Use any of the commonly used RCS APIs like FNW.11 or Google’s RBM APIs to create engaging RCS applications

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Integration with Google Jibe Platform

RBM Managed Services

Domestic and international classification

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Supports Universal RCS

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SMS APIs and SMPP for Basic Messages, RichSMS™, and RichOTP®

Dotgo Bot Store®

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Leverage Managed RCS Messages (MRM) to engage existing customers with timely, relevant non-transactional messages.

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Group 38525
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Group 38525
Group 38525

Offer interactive and intuitive chatbots

Offer seamless, 24/7 chatbots to your subscribers, with two-way conversational experiences for marketing, commerce, and support.

With Dotgo’s expertise build and deploy chatbots over RCS, and other channels: WhatsApp, GBM, iMessage, or Instagram.

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Build and deploy various chatbots

Welcome to chat, Directory, RichOTP with One Touch Authentication, Airtime top-up bots, and Customer care bots


Deploy bots over multiple channels

Omnichannel chatbots over multiple channels


Seamless transition to live agent

Automated customer interactions, with backup to live agent support

Capitalize on Dotgo’s expertise today to offer seamless omnichannel chatbots to your subscriber base, to increase ROI and improve your CX today!