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Optimize your RCS potential and investment to get higher returns and offer a rich and interactive customer experience with Dotgo’s exclusive solutions

Run deep RCS campaigns with

Dotgo’s RCS campaign manager

Worried that a marketer cannot run RCS campaigns?

Not a problem with Dotgo’s innovative yet simple solution – RCS Campaign Manager – a simple tool that lets anyone set up and run RCS campaigns.

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All-in-one platform

Create, manage, and schedule a full-blown RCS campaign


Creative templates

Use stand-alone or carousel-rich cards


Attractive CTAs

Customizable call-to-action buttons


Deep analytics

Comprehensive downloadable reports with detailed campaign data

Extend your RBM campaigns reach with Universal RCS (URCS)®

Gain 100% reach by sending RCS messages to non-RCS enabled phones with Dotgo’s Universal RCS® (URCS) solution.

URCS sends an SMS with a clickable link that offers an RCS-like experience in the browser, allowing access to the entire smartphone base.


Rich features

High-quality pictures, video, and documents Rich cards and Rich carousels


Interactive buttons

Suggested actions, suggested replies, and chipsets


Trusted brand presence

Verified trust marks and brand logo


Bot Store®

Improve agent discoverability


Ensure high discoverability with Bot Store®

Bot Store®– the world’s first, largest, and only open RCS chatbot directory available globally.

The Bot Store® allows consumers to find and connect with brands on RCS, boosting traction and increasing your ROI on RCS bot investments.


Increase bot discovery

Open directory, web searchable Discoverable from inside the Messages app


Globally available

Users from all over the world can discover RCS chatbots


Quick & easy connection

Users can connect with RCS bots via the ‘Connect Me’ button or scanning the QR code


Hassle-free listing process

Developers and brands can list and manage their bots themselves

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Guarantee delivery

OTPs are delivered even when the device is not on the mobile network Seamless fallback to SMS


Improve ROI

Improves completion rates by up to 10% and Saves money


Immediate deployment

Use the common “RichOTP” agent for immediate delivery globally


Prevent fraud

OTP comes from a verified brand name with logo and trust mark


Better user experience

Users can approve OTPs from within the Messages app

Add brand visibility to your SMS campaign with RichSMS®

Upgrade boring SMS with RichSMS®, including rich cards, brand logos, and trust marks for RCS-enabled users.

Send SMS from verified Sender ID, with trust marks, name, and  brand logo

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Send personalized SMS messages with rich cards

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Message is delivered even when the device is not on the mobile network

Seamless SMS fallback

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Convert embedded URLS into suggested action buttons

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Use the common “RichSMS” for immediate delivery globally

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Engage More, Earn More with Dotgo’s Template Management Service

Quickly deploy RBM campaigns that compel user engagement and drive ROI


Get Quick Approval

Design rich cards and carousel templates that secure quick approvals and are optimized for enhanced engagement & user interaction.


Assured Campaign Success

Preview & send test standalone rich cards & carousel templates, fine-tuning ensuring each RCS campaign launch for maximum engagement and ROI.


Personalize at Scale

Use variables in templates within the Campaign Manager to deploy personalized and interactive RCS messaging campaigns.


Boost Client Success

Offer clients actionable insights to measure & compare the effectiveness of various templates, helping them improve their campaigns.

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