Updated On Sep 21, 2020
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New Providence, New Jersey, September 21, 2020: Kirusa, a global leader in communication solutions over data networks, today announced the launch of the first of its kind RichOTP service that enables brands to send One Time Passwords (OTPs) through the rich media messaging channel of RCS (Rich Communication Services). OTPs are widely used by brands for signing-into apps, to confirm transactions, and for security as part of two-factor authentication. RichOTP offers a dramatic improvement to the overall OTP experience for both brands and consumers, in not just the visual interface, but also the entire authentication experience. Kirusa also announced the availability of the RichOTP API for developers to incorporate RichOTP within their own applications.

RCS is the next generation of SMS with support for pictures, audio, video and presence, combined with the security of SMS. RCS messages are delivered into the native messaging app on Android phones, such as Google Messages and Samsung Messages providing richer and interactive business-to-consumer communication opportunities through RCS Business Messaging (RBM). As of today, 90 carriers are offering RCS in 60 countries with 444M monthly active users. The RichOTP service is available in 11 countries on 27 carriers, including Claro, AT&T, Verizon, EE, Orange, Airtel, Vodafone Idea, 9mobile, and CellC.

The RichOTP service, built on Kirusa’s patent-pending technology and integrated or being integrated with multiple RCS platforms including Google Jibe, Jio, Orange, and Vodafone helps brands to increase the delivery rate and completion rate of OTPs while enhancing the security and reliability when compared to SMS. Initial results in multiple countries show that services using RichOTP increase their completion rate by up to 10%. A user getting a RichOTP message receives the message from a verified sender, with the logo of the brand, increasing the security, brand recognition, and user confidence. The OTP is shown in bold font. The user can also get convenient options to Confirm or Report Potential Fraud from within the Messages app itself, while the brand gets enhanced reporting.

Alexandre Allemand, Business Messaging Partnerships Manager, Google said, “RCS provides businesses with the opportunity to create a branded presence with their customers. OTP is a simple, yet pervasive, use case that provides immediate value to customers and brands, while transitioning the entire ecosystem to adopting RCS. We are excited to support Kirusa create this innovative and unique technology, integrated with the Google Jibe platform.”

Beerud Sheth, CEO of Gupshup said, we see a lot of value in RichOTP helping further improve the quality and security of OTPs. OTP messaging is one of our highest-volume use- cases and is mission-critical for our enterprise customers. We look forward to working with Kirusa in bringing RichOTP to our customers.

“We loved the RichOTP experience the first time we saw the demo. The ability to have our verified branding delivered with each OTP is a game changer, automatically adding a trust factor. We are happy with the results of this service from Kirusa,” said Johnson Ajani, Head of eBanking, Haggai Bank.

Inderpal Singh Mumick, Founder, Chairman and, CEO of Kirusa said, “We are excited to launch the RichOTP service. OTPs represent over half of the A2P traffic on many networks, and we believe RichOTP represents a monumental advancement in the way OTPs are delivered and used, enabled by the RCS channel. As the future of messaging looks bright, we will continue to innovate and bring about offerings that will significantly benefit consumers and brands.”

Developers and brands can download the RichOTP API from konnect.kirusa.com and start benefitting from the future of two-factor authentication. Brands wanting to explore the benefits of RichOTP and get further details can email -: sales@kirusa.com.

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