Updated On Jun 8, 2021
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Berkeley Heights, New Jersey, June 08, 2021: Dotgo™, a leading cloud communications provider of RCS and business messaging solutions, is one of the demo award winners at the Build-An-Agent contest. The contest was held by Google to create and launch innovative experiences on Google’s Business Messages platform. Dotgo’s “Safe Screening Chatbot” was judged as one of the top ten winners in the “demo” category.

The Safe Screening chatbot demonstrates how businesses implement a contactless screening process to help them reopen safely during the pandemic. People who want to enter the building, scan a QR code posted on the entrance to open the chatbot and provide their details by answering a few simple questions in a conversational manner. Based on the responses, they receive a green or red pass which informs them if it is safe for them to enter the premises or not, which helps organizations curb the spread of COVID-19.

Google’s Business Messages platform helps users chat with brands from Google Search, Google Maps, or brand-owned channels. The use of rich media features such as smart replies, visual product carousels, and tap to confirm buttons, make the entire user experience seamless. There is also smooth transition from automated replies to a live customer care agent, in case, the chatbot is unable to respond to a customer query. Business Messages enhance customer care with rich messaging, letting businesses expand the conversation to drive loyalty, purchasing, scheduling, and upsell.

Dotgo is a Google partner for Business Messages, which enables them to onboard brands, influence the roadmap, and be amongst the first to help businesses offer an upgraded messaging experience to their customers through Google Search, Google Maps, or brand-owned channels.

“Dotgo is an early adopter of Business Messages and has been working on several use cases to support businesses in different industries and regions. We saw an opportunity to leverage the Business Messages URL entry point with a QR code to support Safe Screening of employees, students, teachers and visitors at schools and other workplaces. We thank Google for launching this contest to provide a forum for innovators to share their ideas and look forward to continued contributions from Dotgo for adoption and growth of Business Messages,” says Surinder Anand, CTO and VP, Product Management, Dotgo.

About Dotgo

Dotgo™, a global leader in RCS and other rich business messaging solutions, is the provider of the Dotgo Bot Store®, world’s first and largest directory of RCS and WhatsApp bots. Embracing the paradigm shift to rich business messaging that is underway, Dotgo is building the cloud communications technology and services needed in a world where every business must have a presence inside messaging apps, just as they have web sites and smartphone apps. RCS, Google’s Business Messages, iMessage, and WhatsApp are fast becoming the de-facto standards for business messaging for brands, offering exciting possibilities for customer engagement.

Dotgo enables brands and developers to transform customer interactions using rich business messaging, and helps mobile operators make RCS business messaging a reality. Dotgo is a Google partner, a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, and a member of the Mobile Ecosystem Forum. For more information, visit www.dotgo.com. RichOTP and Bot Store is a registered trademark of Dotgo Systems Inc. in USA and other jurisdictions.