Updated On Jul 13, 2022
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RCS World, Dublin, July 13, 2022: Dotgo®, a Gupshup company, and the leading provider of Rich Communication Services (RCS) solutions for business messaging, announced the launch of RBM Hub® . The launch of RBM Hub expands the reach and capabilities of CPaaS providers – commonly referred to as aggregators – to engage with over 300 million mobile users over RCS. The RBM Hub enables interconnectivity with leading global RCS platforms, providing access to enhanced analytics and advanced APIs. Using the Dotgo RBM Hub, CPaaS providers can empower many more global businesses to reach a wider customer base with engaging and intuitive rich media mobile messaging solutions that include video and voice.

With Dotgo RBM Hub’s common onboarding portal, comprehensive RCS APIs, billing, and CX tools, aggregators can use a single portal and API to send RCS messages to users across carriers worldwide. Aggregators can onboard the brands and RBM Agents, use APIs and CX capabilities to develop rich conversational journeys and launch the agents in the desired countries and carriers. Aggregators have access to brand, agent and campaign wise analytics, including traffic, revenue and engagement metrics. Further, with Dotgo Universal RCS , CPaaS providers can also reach iPhone users. Using the advanced API stack, aggregators can also send RichOTP, Rich Promotions and Rich SMS with minimal configuration.

The RBM Hub also serves the needs of wholesale messaging providers who want to add RCS to their offering. Mobile carriers desiring to provide nationwide RCS delivery as part of their offering can use the RBM Hub to provide interconnectivity to other carriers in their country.

“Dotgo RBM Hub empowers CPaaS providers, wholesale messaging providers, and mobile carriers to usher in the next phase of RBM adoption globally, which will enable businesses across the world to unlock the potential of richer, two-way conversational experiences for millions of consumers” said Surinder Singh Anand, CTO, Dotgo. “With this innovative, easy-to-use offering, CPaaS providers are better positioned to help brands realize transformational impact and optimal value from their RCS initiatives.”

Several telecom carriers, CPaaS providers, and wholesale messaging providers are using Dotgo RBM Hub and are reporting measurable business benefits. With Dotgo RBM Hub, CPaaS providers can develop a seamless RBM offering for their enterprise customers, wholesale messaging providers can quickly add RCS to their offerings, and Mobile carriers can offer nationwide or worldwide RCS delivery. Supported by strong, long-term carrier and RCS vendor partnerships, Dotgo is offering attractive price points for RCS delivery across the world.

“As one of the earliest users of RCS services from Dotgo, we were able to terminate critical and time bound messages with improved conversions, thanks to rich media’s ability to demand the user’s attention”, said Ashutosh Jha, SVP-International Messaging, Globe Teleservices. “CPaaS providers and telecom aggregators are always looking to identify new and innovative ways for their enterprise customers to connect and engage with end consumers via richer, personalized conversations. Innovations like Dotgo RBM Hub act as a catalyst to help us deliver on this goal, enabling a far superior customer engagement experience.”

A recent study by Juniper Research predicts the total number of RCS subscribers to grow to 3.8 billion by 2026, which would account for 40% of global mobile subscribers. The same study forecasts global operator revenue from RCS to grow to more than $4.6 billion by 2026.

Mobile Ecosystem Forum’s (MEF) RBM agent, which enables RCS World attendees to easily access the event agenda and cast votes, was made available in a matter of days by leveraging Dotgo RBM Hub’s capabilities.

“Enterprises have barely scratched the surface when it comes to using business messaging. With innovations in RCS, like the Dotgo RBM Hub, we will see business messaging grow exponentially over the next couple of years”, said Dario Betti, CEO, MEF. “The Mobile Ecosystem Forum is happy to announce that we can offer all participants in our events the power of conversational commerce in an MEF messaging agent. That has been made possible by the support from Dotgo. Dotgo’s RBM Hub allowed for a quick launch of our own MEF conversation agent across multiple countries and mobile operators in time for the MEF’s RCS World.”

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