Updated On Oct 3, 2023
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RCS World, Paris, October 3, 2023: Dotgo, a leading provider of Rich Communication Services (RCS) Business Messages today announced that RCS business messaging traffic over its platforms doubled in the last quarter – recording its first quarter ever with more than 500 million RCS business messages exchanged. This milestone firmly establishes Dotgo as one of the largest and most scalable RCS business messaging platforms on a global scale.

Dotgo’s Messaging as a Platform (MaaP) and RBM Hub have been instrumental in driving messaging traffic in key markets such as India, Africa, LatAm, North America, and Europe.

The Dotgo MaaP is the industry’s leading solution for offering RCS Business Messaging (RBM) services, pre-integrated with Google Jibe and other major RCS infrastructure providers. It also supports industry standard APIs, onboarding, and verification across multiple carriers in a country or a region, even when they are using different RCS infra providers.

Dotgo’s RCS Business Messaging (RBM) Hub provides access to an extensive network, connecting with 88 carriers in 36 countries. The RBM Hub enables interconnectivity with leading global RCS platforms, providing access to enhanced analytics and advanced APIs. Using the Dotgo RBM Hub, aggregators and developers can empower many more local and global businesses to reach a wider customer base with engaging and intuitive rich media mobile messaging solutions, with single onboarding and verification across the global footprint. Dozens of aggregators and developers from around the world, including Globe Tele Services, Green Ads Global, Gupshup, iTouch, LANCK Telecom, Out There Media, Tracksend, ValueFirst, Vas2Nets, and Webex (by Cisco), amongst others, have integrated with Dotgo to send RCS messages to users.

Businesses leveraging RCS messages on Dotgo’s platforms are experiencing phenomenal Return on Investment (ROI) with impressive metrics, including up to a 99% message delivery rate, up to a 50% message read rate, and up to a 20% message response rate. These exceptional metrics highlight the effectiveness of Dotgo’s RCS solutions in engaging customers and driving meaningful interactions.

“We are absolutely delighted to witness the rapid growth in RCS business messaging this year, which is a testament to the growing RCS user base of 800 million, and the intense demand for richer and more engaging communications. Customers crave engaging, interactive experiences, and RCS delivers just that. At Dotgo, our vision is clear: we aim to empower mobile operators to monetize RCS, while enabling aggregators and developers to quickly integrate RCS into their offerings”, said Inderpal Singh Mumick, CEO, Dotgo.

“RCS has experienced rapid adoption, and with an expansive user base of almost 1 billion, its potential is boundless. We’re excited to have Dotgo at RCS World in Paris. Our experience of working with them for the MEF agent- a bot that helps delegates and participants navigate through the event, has been great. Together, we look forward to accelerating digital transformation for enterprises through this august gathering of all stakeholders” said Dario Betti, CEO of Mobile Ecosystem Forum, the organizing force behind RCS World, Paris.

Dotgo remains committed to the growth and development of RCS, continuing to invest heavily in this innovative communication channel. By doing so, Dotgo is empowering businesses to connect with their customers in more meaningful and engaging ways, ultimately driving success in today’s competitive marketplace. For instance, Dotgo is today showcasing an industry first – a QR code that users can click to initiate RCS Chats with MEF’s agent to get information about RCS World.

About Dotgo
Dotgo®, a Gupshup company, is a global leader in RCS. Dotgo is the provider of the Bot Store®, world’s first and largest directory of RCS bots, Dotgo MaaP, RichOTP®, RichSMS®, and the RBM Hub®. Dotgo is a Google partner and a member of the Mobile Ecosystem Forum. Visit www.dotgo.com

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Aggregators and developers who would like to take advantage of Dotgo’s RCS platforms to engage with customers over RCS can contact Dotgo at sales@dotgo.com. Mobile carriers who would like to take advantage of Dotgo scalable and reliable RCS platforms, as well as deep knowledge and experience in monetizing RCS business messages can contact- Dotgo at sales@dotgo.com

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