Updated On Sep 20, 2021
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Berkeley Heights, New Jersey, September 20, 2021: Dotgo® , a leading cloud communications provider of RCS and business messaging solutions, has been recognized by the Silicon India magazine as one of the “20 Most Promising Technology Companies Founded and Managed by Indians in the US,” in the year 2021.

Dotgo, founded in late 2020, and a Cohort 6 graduate of the IIT Startups accelerator, is at the forefront of the paradigm shift in business messaging caused by Rich Communication Services (RCS). Dotgo provides the APIs needed by developers to build rich conversational experiences using RCS.

RCS, a part of the 5G standard, is the next generation of SMS that includes pictures, audio, video, and presence, combined with enhanced security and encryption. RCS messages are delivered to native messaging apps such as Google Business Messages and Samsung Messages on Android phones. RCS Business Messaging uses the rich and interactive features of RCS to enable branded and secure business messaging. RCS is available globally with over 600M monthly active users.

Dotgo’s has created gamechanger innovations such as the RichOTP®, RichSMS™, Dotgo Bot Store®, MaaP (Messaging as a Platform), and more, that are redefining the way brands and their customers engage with each other. Taking cognizance of Dotgo’s rapid growth this year, Silicon India interviewed Dr. Inderpal Singh Mumick, the CEO of Dotgo, and decided to feature Dotgo, along with a profile article

“RCS is going to revolutionize interactions between businesses and their customers, with trillions of messages expected in a few short years”, states Dr. Mumick. “Dotgo has built phenomenal industry leading RCS products, and I continue to be amazed at the innovation coming from the Dotgo team. I am pleased to see their work and success being recognized by Silicon India.”

About Dotgo

Dotgo® provides APIs that enable developers to build rich conversational experiences using RCS and other rich business messaging channels. Dotgo, a global leader in RCS, is the provider of the Dotgo Bot Store®, world’s first and largest directory of RCS and WhatsApp bots, Dotgo MaaP, RichOTP® , and RichSMS™. Embracing the paradigm shift to rich business messaging that is underway, Dotgo is building the APIs and cloud platforms needed in a world where every business must have a presence inside messaging apps, just as they have web sites and smartphone apps. RCS, Google’s Business Messages, iMessage, and WhatsApp are fast becoming the de-facto standards for business messaging for brands, offering exciting possibilities for customer engagement.

Dotgo’s APIs and services enable brands and developers to transform customer interactions, and help mobile operators make RCS business messaging a reality. Dotgo is a Google partner, a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, and a member of the Mobile Ecosystem Forum. For more information, visit www.dotgo.com. Bot Store, Dotgo, and RichOTP are registered trademarks of Dotgo Systems Inc. in USA and other jurisdictions.