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Updated On Sep 12, 2022
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More than 100 carriers now allow RBM traffic, and RCS consumer reach exceeds 25% in many markets, with some key markets having more than 50% reach. With increasing acceptance and speedy adoption of RCS, aggregators, developers, and ISVs need a simple way to send RBM traffic worldwide on any carrier.

However, the RBM ecosystem currently has many complexities that hinder speedy RBM service deployment. But Dotgo’s RBM can help simplify the RCS ecosystem and facilitate seamless, hassle-free, and swift RBM traffic worldwide on all carriers.

Invited by MEF, Dotgo held a webinar highlighting how Dotgo’s RBM Hub can simplify the RCS ecosystem in collaboration with Google and Orange.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Challenges faced by developers, aggregators, and ISVs
  • How Dotgo’s RBM Hub can help overcome these challenges
  • Why a solution like RBM Hub is crucial for speedy RBM service implementation

Happy watching!